Hi, I’m Alisar. I’m a Soul Guide, Body Healer and Energy Practitioner.

I guide women & men to rise and stand in their power so they can be seen, heard and respected in their true essence.  

Together we heal our deepest wounds, claim our worth and choose to unleash our unique soul song. We become the wild, wise woman/man, free in our voice and power.

I use the art of Energy & Soul Medicine to heal & release old emotions, identify & reprogram deep limiting beliefs & patterns, clear energy & the auric field, illuminate soul lessons, channel higher guidance, activate power and unleash soul truth.

Are you ready to unleash your true voice?

Do you desire to be seen, heard, honoured and loved for your true self?

Do you feel the passion which exists within you, yearning to be expressed with the world?

Are you ready to birth your full soul self?


We can feel like we have so much to offer.

We have gifts to share, love to give and a purpose that aches to be fulfilled.

And yet we can feel trapped within the stories of who we think we should be for others.

The stories of not being good or worthy enough, of taking a place to make others happy. Of denying your own self, despite your heart desperately wanting something different.

I know what it’s like to feel small and quiet.

I’ve come from a place where I was punished if I spoke up, put down if I bared my true essence, broken in my power.

I was too much for others. My erotic feminine was seen as ‘slutty’. My emotions as ‘weak’. My spirituality as ‘bullshit’.

Deep down, I wasn’t honoured because I didn’t know and wasn’t taught how to honour myself.

I would witness other people accepting the same for themselves and vowed one day I would help others to be honoured for all that we are.

I began my healing journey to free my soul.

I met my younger self within me who was so scared of being seen and heard, so scared of not being good enough.

I cleared the blocks in my power centre and decided to rise up.

I left my ex-husband and I claimed the wise, fierce, loving woman I am.

I let my soul out.

And she came out, first as a sigh, a moan, a strangled cry from my belly. 

The more I cleared my expression centre and healed my power, the more my soul’s music began to shine through.

One day I opened my throat and roared with the fierceness of the wise woman, long lost within me.  

I gave myself permission to sing my own song.

Unleashing my soul song led me further along my path - I explored my gifts, journeying deep into soul healing and the sacred art of embodiment.

I started to work with clients, first as a massage therapist and reiki practitioner and then diving deeper into the realms of the soul. Together we would call my client’s soul back into their body, give permission for their wounds to be seen and heard and finally rising up into their true power - to express their whole self.

I qualified as an Energy & Soul Medicine Practitioner who guides individuals to reconnect with their innate power and express their truth freely in the world.

Energy & Soul Medicine is a powerful transformation modality that guides an individual into their highest potential and true expression.

An Energy & Soul Medicine Practitioner works to heal & release old emotions, identify & reprogram deep limiting beliefs & patterns, clear energy & the auric field, illuminate soul lessons, channel higher guidance, activate power and unleash soul truth.

It will support you to heal your past, step out of stuckness, stories & drama, get clear on your soul purpose, speak your truth, attract loving relationships, transform your life and find the courage to create your wildest desires.

My healing journey ignited my own gifts. I learnt my soul lessons, gleaned my wisdom and healed myself so I could support others to do the same.

I stepped into my role as a Soul guide, Body Healer and Energy Practitioner.

I would be so honoured to take that journey with you, home to yourself.  


Unleash your Soul


My 3-month Unleash Your Soul program is designed as a sacred healing journey where we clear your blocks to free your wild power, channel your embodied wisdom and call forth your soulful voice.

We return home, to your whole self.

I create a safe and nurturing place for you to heal and learn to trust yourself enough to let go.

I believe in you being honoured, seen, heard and respected for who you are.

Together, we work to:

  • Love and accept every part of yourself

  • Heal your past

  • Know the power within you

  • Bring your soul through your body and unleash her true expression

  • Open your intuition, clear your emotional wounds and find your true purpose.

  • Find your place, in your body, here on earth.

I weave a fusion of the soulful and practical, earthy tools to guide you on your healing journey.

We find your energetic centre through your breath, we clear your chakras and soul centres with sound and channelled wisdom, use movement to ground yourself, call in the elements, your guiding beings and your highest truth.

In any one session, we’ll go where your soul calls us.

We’ll open our intuitive eyes and ears to what’s really going on within you. We’ll give space to your body and your heart to tell their story. We’ll let your true soul express and clear our energetic cobwebs as we do.


The Unleash your Soul program is currently offered as a 3 month, in-depth, in-person or virtual journey.

You’ll journey through self-acceptance, claiming your true power and finding (and unleashing) your soul’s voice.

This program is delivered on a fortnightly basis over the 3 months.

My in-person clinic is in Parkdale Melbourne (you'll receive the address upon booking) and virtual skype sessions are available (and beyond powerful too). 


In the Unleash your Soul program, you’ll:

  • Clear old emotions, limiting belief systems and energy blocks

  • Open your intuition and receive channelled guidance

  • Connect deeply to your body and learn the art of integrating your soul in the physical

  • Move, release and heal with vibrational medicine including sacred sound therapy

  • Call in your wild, wise soul

  • Find and unleash your unique story & expression

  • Learn to be seen and heard for who you are



$300 / month for 3 months

Upfront payment discount ~ $795

Want to chat first before you invest in our 3 month journey?

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(Only available for those interested in the 3 month Unleash your Soul journey)

Unleash your Soul introductory package

A three session package to introduce you to the work of Unleash your Soul.

We’ll journey through an initial body reconnection, begin healing old wounds and clearing your expression and power centres so you can start speaking and sharing your truth.




Or two monthly payments of $300

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